Vari Architects exists for the client. Without the client there would be no business. This core principle is the foundation upon which Vari Architects has built its reputation. Vari Architects considers itself only the instrument through which a client’s project comes to life. The rightful ownership of design is in the hands and heart of the client.

Ron Vari had the great fortune to study architecture in the late 1960’s at the Illinois Institute of Technology, established by famed architect Mies Van Der Rohe. The guiding disciplines learned at this school remain the backbone of the business today and continue to serve the client’s every need.

Additionally, Vari Architects has a very capable background in fabrication and construction and a mantra of “Unless we can do it with our own hands it doesn’t get to the drawing board.” Complement this with their depth of building and zoning code knowledge and you have the most efficient system for serving a client’s needs built right in to the relationship. Clients save money and time along with excellent project design and solid decision making. Confident is a word clients often use to describe their Vari Architects experience.

Over a thousand projects have been accomplished in the office of Vari Architects through the last four decades. The projects have ranged from simple fire escapes to high-end salons in Manhattan, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Hamburg, and London. Developments have included luxury condominiums in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico as well as hundreds at home here in Chicago. Many famous restaurants here in Chicago also bear the Vari Architects stamp.